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8 Port Fused Power Distribution Board

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Wally’s 8 port fused power distribution board.

Back ordered until May 20th

Need to split your power or power inject? We have the solution.

What is different from our board compared to others? 
We have added a capacitor to buffer any power spikes and  reverse current diodes to prevent failures of the power input is connected backwards  

This board has 1 power input that distributes it to the 8 outputs. Each one of these outputs is individually fused with a 5 amp fuse. Both the fuse and the ports on the board are numbered to easily identify which fuses are for which ports. The outputs have a green indicator light to confirm that there is power to the port. This is an easy way to identify if the fuse has blown or if it is a product issue down the line. A capacitor is also mounted on the board to help smooth the power and prevent any damage from power spikes. A reverse power diode is mounted on the input of the board to prevent any issues if the power is connected backwards. The dimensions of this are 51mm x 91mm. The hole placements were made to fit most mounts for the current distribution boards you see on the market. It will be an easy swap if you decide to use one of Wally’s boards in place of another board. The Pigtails for the box will come with the power injection T's that you may order here.

add-on options:

- Outdoor junction box with either 9 or 10 ports. 
- 12v 150w Outdoor Power supply