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P10 Indoor Panel

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5V 32x16 P10 RGB Pixel Panel ~12.5” x ~6.25”

These are SMD2121/SMD3528 chip types rated for indoor use. You can use these in your enclosures to build tune to signs or a matrix up to 4x8. From a distance these will look just like a TV screen. Each panel contains 512 Pixels, 3 Universes and 1,536 channels on your controller.

Use 3mm screws to mount these to your enclosure. 
Magnetic Mounting screws sold separately

Outdoor rated special order.


Product Specifics:


P10 indoor specification
          Item      Parameter
   Model Number  P10I
   Model Size 320mm x 160mm
   Pixels Density 10000 dots/㎡
   Pixel Pitch 10mm
   Package Mode SMD3528
Unit Module  Pixel Resolution 32 Pixels Wide x 16 Pixels High
   Module Thickness 13.81mm
   Model Weight  0.35KG
   Driver Type Constant Drive
   Brightness White Balance ≥1700 cd/㎡
   Dimension 640mm x 640mm
   Power Supply 5V ~8 watts per panel
Frame  Best Viewing Distance Between 10m and 50m
   Best Viewing Distance 160°(W) & 120°(H)
   Temperature Storage:-35℃/+85℃ Working:-20℃-+50℃
   Operation Humidity 10%-75%
   Working Voltage AC220V±10%
Power  Average Power Consumption ≤195W/㎡
   Max power Consumption ≤487/㎡
Control System  Control Method Synchronization
 Driving Device Constant Drive
 Refresh Frequency ≥1200HZ
 Frame Frequency 60HZ
 Luminescence Level/Color RGB 256
 Gray Level 65536 rated