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P10 Indoor Panel

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Always order 10% more panels than you need. This will ensure if you need any replacements that they come from the same batch and the colors will match.


5V 32x16 P10 RGB Pixel Panel ~12.5” x ~6.25”

These are SMD2121/SMD3528 chip types rated for indoor use. You can use these in your enclosures to build tune to signs or a matrix up to 4x8. From a distance these will look just like a TV screen. Each panel contains 512 Pixels, 3 Universes and 1,536 channels on your controller.

Use 3mm screws to mount these to your enclosure. 
Magnetic Mounting screws sold separately

Outdoor rated special order.


Product Specifics:


P10 indoor specification
          Item      Parameter
   Model Number  P10I
   Model Size 320mm x 160mm
   Pixels Density 10000 dots/㎡
   Pixel Pitch 10mm
   Package Mode SMD3528
Unit Module  Pixel Resolution 32 Pixels Wide x 16 Pixels High
   Module Thickness 13.81mm
   Model Weight  0.35KG
   Driver Type Constant Drive
   Brightness White Balance ≥1700 cd/㎡
   Dimension 640mm x 640mm
   Power Supply 5V ~8 watts per panel
Frame  Best Viewing Distance Between 10m and 50m
   Best Viewing Distance 160°(W) & 120°(H)
   Temperature Storage:-35℃/+85℃ Working:-20℃-+50℃
   Operation Humidity 10%-75%
   Working Voltage AC220V±10%
Power  Average Power Consumption ≤195W/㎡
   Max power Consumption ≤487/㎡
Control System  Control Method Synchronization
 Driving Device Constant Drive
 Refresh Frequency ≥1200HZ
 Frame Frequency 60HZ
 Luminescence Level/Color RGB 256
 Gray Level 65536 rated