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Pixel Tester Mini Controller

Pixel Tester Mini Controller

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Hard wired pixel testers are great mini controllers so you can test your lights. They can be used to test your  RGB products that are WS2811 & many other protocols. They can also be used as mini controllers if you have some lights set up in your house or office. This tester can be used with products ranging from 5V-24V. Match your power input to your products you want to test to ensure safe operation of the controller. These mini controllers can run over 500 nodes.

Wall plugs for these can be purchased here. You will need to either cut the barrel plug off the power supply or add a barrel plug to the mini controller.

Power the mini controllers from the 2 wire pigtail to your power supply of choice.


Model: SP102E



Supports almost every king of 1 wire LED Driver IC

76 vivid and beautiful patterns to run your lights in your home or office

Supports more than 500 pixels

Easy to use 3 key manual tester



Switching patterns forwardly


Switching speed


Switching patterns backwardly


Pressing MODE+ and MODE- at the same time and release at the same time into AUTO Mode



Product Specification
Voltage DC5-24V
Working current 22mA-28mA
Control capacity >500
Output signal SPI signal
Built-in pattern 76
Control mode RF remote control
RGB sequence User adjustable
Working temperature -25 ° C -85 ° C
Net weight  35g
Support IC  Support common LED driver ICs on the market