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Prebuy at Least 10,000 Bulk Bullet 12v Resistor Pixels

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Are you OK with waiting for your shipment to receive the best deal possible? These are the pixels for you. Add any other items you'd like from the website to this order and they will all ship together.

Minimum order of 10,000 pixels pixels you can mix and match however you'd like. If you happen to order less than the minimum your order will be cancelled.

These are prebuy pixels that will ship with our next order from the supplier. Please expect April for delivery. Any other items in the same order will be shipped at the same time.

All pixels are True WS2811 Resistor chips. 

Nice and thick wire between pixels which is ~18awg (Slightly Smaller).

Mix and match how you prefer.

Your choice of xConnect or Ray Wu connectors.

Your choice of Wire color: Black, White, or RWB multicolor.

Your choice of either 50 or 100 ct strands.

12cm spacing dot to dot (3.75 shell to shell)