All products (except sold out or express direct) are in stock and ship within 2 business days.

Prebuy vs In Stock vs Express Direct vs Custom

Here at Wally's Lights L.L.C. We offer 3 types of products throughout the year. These 3 types are "In Stock", "Prebuy", “Express Direct” & "Custom". The question is always "When will my order arrive?". To explain that we need to break down and understand how each item is processed. 

Lets start with the easiest, "In Stock". These items are listed on the website as in stock and usually ship out within 1 business day. Later in the year during the busy season from about August-December there may be a couple days delay due to high demand at this time. The exception to this is if it is posted in the top of the website in the blue announcement bar. We always post any delays in that bar so you are aware before you order that something may be delayed a few days. All items that are available for purchase are actually in stock in our warehouse. If we are running low on a product the website will only allow you to purchase the total that we have in stock. If for some reason the inventory count is wrong and you over purchase a product we will catch it when packaging. At this time we will give you a few options. We will usually email you asking what you would like to do. The best option is usually just cancel the portion that is not in stock and ship the rest. 

We also offer Express Direct. These pixels are available in our warehouse in China and will ship via air shipping direct to you. We save some pixels back from each of our inventory shipments in case you’d like this option. These are the same quality pixels as our in stock ones. These usually take 15 days or less for you to receive them.

Next option is available in the beginning of the year and is a way for customers to save some money on products while in turn waiting for it to be made and shipped from our factories in China. These are the "Prebuy" items. These items are sold as an item that will go in with our weekly order to the factories. It is then processed and manufactured. Usually it is a couple weeks to manufacture them and then 4 weeks to ship them. There are always the January and February delays due to the factories and shipping companies closing during the Chinese New Year. These ship from the factory as they are made. We provide the tracking number when it leaves our warehouse in China. These will ship depending on what is being made that week at the factory and what they have already made. You may see orders that were placed after you arrive before yours depending on what each order was. We ask that you please remain patient for these orders and we will update you as soon as we get any information on shipping times. We also post current expected prebuy delivery dates on the top of the webpage in the blue announcement bar. We try to keep the order confirmations showing current delivery times on the email that you will receive also. You may see that we have items in stock but still offer the prebuy option. Even if the product is in stock it will not ship right away. Prebuys are ordered from the factory when the order is received. From there is it sent to the customer. Shipping time from label creation for prebuys in 2021 is subject to current sea freight shipping times. Once tracking numbers are created for prebuys we cannot refund, edit, change, or cancel the order. If you would like to return any unopened and unused products from your prebuy email us at and will will provide the address for you to ship it to. The customer must pay for the return shipping and a possible restocking fee of 20% may apply.

The Last option is "Custom Orders" these are any special requests from customers. These include custom pixel strands, custom length extension cords, & any other custom items we may not offer on the website the the customer has requested. These items usually take the factory 2-3 weeks to manufacture. These are then sent with our next inventory shipment usually sent within 1-2 weeks. A total of up to 6-8 weeks.